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  Additional Government and Commercial Work  
  1. Boyle County High School:  Install Fescue sod on Football field, sprig game football field using quickstand Bermuda grass, grade and sprig soccer field and redo irrigation on all three fields.
  2. City of Danville: Landscaping install on entrance sign to Millennium Park, Hydroseed football field
  3. City of Danville: Contract to install annuals and hanging baskets down Main Street.
  4. O’Charlies: Irrigation
  5. Dale Hollow Golf Course: Hydroseed Golf Course
  6. University of Kentucky Turf Research Facility, Spindletop Farm:  Install irrigation on turf plots using golf course irrigation design and golf course materials and regrade to meet spec.
  7. I-64 Interstate trimming project in the middle divider which was 5 miles long.
  8. Bluegrass Cellular: Landscaping, Retaining Wall
  9. Centenary United Methodist Church: Maintenance Contract on there two churches landscaping.
  10. Centenary United Methodist Church: Design Build new prayer garden for there Christian life center church.
  11. WeldQuip: Design Build Landscaping and sod.
  12. Lee’s Famous Recipe: Install lava rock
  13. Danville Pediatrics: Design Build Landscaping install
  14. Our Savior Church: Design Build Landscaping Install
  15. Junction City Elementary School: Design Landscaping
  16. Danville High School: Design Build Landscaping Outdoor classroom
  17. Dr. Baeker Office: Landscape Install
  18. Centre College: Over seen the athletic grounds while they were looking for new person
  19. Boyle County High School: Irrigation on Baseball field
  20.  Wal-Mart in Lexington: Landscaping, Hydroseeding, Sod
21. Lexington Fire Station: Landscaping, Sod

22. Northern Kentucky University: Landscape new Student Union Building

23. Walgreen’s: Landscaping and Irrigation

24. University of Kentucky: New Medical building Landscaping, Sod

25. Centenary United Methodist Church- Prayer garden design and install using brick pavers in a cross pattern, low voltage lighting, irrigation, and landscaping.

26. City of Winchester- 1200 trees installed along rivers in Winchester to create shade for the water to keep bacteria to a minimum.

27. City of Danville- Sub Basin R project to create wetland areas in Danville.

28. Centre College- Install of retaining wall along the back of Pearl Hall at Centre College. 

29. Eastern Kentucky University: Rain Garden and dry creek bed install30. Boyle County Library: Irrigation install and sod31. Trimble County Library: New landscape install and irrigation install

32. Danville Sub Basin R: Create rain garden and wetland area.

33. Equestrian View Entry Wall: Landscaping, and sod

34. Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center: Irrigation, Sod, Landscaping, hardscapes, benches, large flower vases, and trash cans installed.

35. Cooper Power Station Somerset Ky- Hydroseed new expansion. – Bowen Engineering Corporation

    Projects Still In Progress 
  1. Big Bone Lick State Park- Landscape on new entrance-WS Construction
  2. Somerset Community College- 2 Retaining Walls and new landscaping-Bluegrass Construction
  3. Easter Kentucky University- New Science Building dry creek bed install along with turf and grasses-Denark Construction
  4. Clark County High School-New landscape, rain gardens-DW Wilburn
  5. Locust Trace Agri-Science Building- New Landscape, bio gardens-Messer Construction.
  6. St. Catharine College- New landscape-BCD Construction Co.
  7. Trimble County Library- New landscape and irrigation-EH Construction
  8. Tates Creek Middle School-New landscape, rain gardens-DW Wilburn
  9. Tygart Creek Elementary School-New landscape- J&H Reinforcing Co.
  10. West Irvine Elementary-New landscape, rain gardens-Griggs Enterprise
  11. Whitley County High School-New landscape-The Walker Company
  12. University of Kentucky Shively Track and Field-Install new athletic field, and new landscape.-Abel Construction
  13. Northpoint Training Center New Buildings From Fire-Erosion control, seed/sod, landscape. – Congleton-Hacker Company
  14. Centenary United Methodist Church New Addition-New landscape, seed/straw, sod, erosion control. – Abel Construction Company
  15. Centre College New Residential Commons South Parking Lot- New landscape, sod – Arco National Construction Company
  16. Clays Mill Road Improvements Lexington- New landscape, sod, seed/straw- Woodall Construction
  17. University of Kentucky Track and Field Renovations- New turf field, irrigation, laser grading, and new sod. –Abel Construction

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